Richard - 70

"The product is fantastic! It worked on many different areas of my body but the big one was my Tic Douloureux. It really helped me with my pain and seizures and for that reason I'm on less prescription medication."

Dustin - 27

"I live next to the national forest and get bug bites often. Holy Herbajuana spray really helps sooth the itching and stop the swelling. Now I recommend it to all my friends and family."

Mira - 42

"My fingers hands and knees have severe arthritis. My knee was so bad I kept falling down. I tried a few different medications but nothing seemed to help. When I sprayed the Holy Herbajuana on my hands and knees it was instant relief. I have not fallen once since I started using this product and absolutely love it."

Samantha - 30

"If you haven't tried Holy Herbajuana and suffer from chronic pain you need to try this! I have suffered from shoulder pain for the last 3 years from a torn rotator cuff. I did everything medically to try to ease the pain. ( Surgery, physical therapy, pain medication, etc). I found medical marijuana to ease the pain better than the route I was taking. When I found Holy Herbajunana and it was an external relief I thought I would try it. It was one of the best choices of my life! Once you spray the product on it is instant relief. It dries instantly with no lingering marijuana smell."

Erick - 27

"One of the only cannabis topicals that truly helps! I love this product because you feel it begin to work immediately!! I have tried lotions and creams, but this spray is definitely the way to go. Thanks HolyHerbajuana!!!! Would recommend to anyone with neck back or any muscle pain. My days and nights are definitely much more manageable."

Gary - 75

"Recently I was given a bottle of HolyHerbajuana. I had very sore thumb and knuckles from moving boxes. I am 75 years old and it takes me a lot to believe in a new product. Wow , my hand feels good, I have to be a believer. My wife had sore feet, she put it on last night, she told me her feet feel so much better. She is a believer too. I have been on Chemo and it helps the pain. Thank You HolyHerbajuana."