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Holy Herbajuana

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About HolyHerbajuana

Holy Herbajuana is a high grade pain relief spray unlike any other on the market place. Using his unique aging and extracting process, Dr. Nalbandyan and his team at Holy Herb have created the first and only product made with high grade medical marijuana and Santa Yerba, “The Holy Herb”. Santa Yerba grows naturally throughout Northern Mexico and Southern California and was used by Native Americans for thousands of years for the same reasons that people use medical cannabis today. They would put it in their tea, make lotions, and smoke the herb.

Native Americans named the plant “The Holy Herb” because of its many medicinal benefits. They would use the herb topically to help sooth mosquito bites, rashes, bruises, wounds, sprains, muscle aches, joint pain, and more. They would also brew tea with “The Holy Herb” to make a great tasting natural anti-oxidant that helps with fevers and coughs. Cannabis also has a lot of the same medical benefits. These two herbs combined together create a high-octane pain relief spray that delivers fast and sustainable results.